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Bright Homes & Realty Corporation


BRIGHT HOMES & REALTY CORPORATION (BHRC) has been at the forefront of residential development for more than a decade now. Bullied by the growing market demand for non-affordable housing units and discouraged by the government’s support for affordable housing problems, the company offers house and lot packages that cater to various income levels and individual needs and taste of its customers.

A BRIGHT HOMES Community offers a lifestyle that is exclusive and comfortable in a location that is accessible and secure.

“Kay Sarap Umuwi Sa Sariling Bahay!”









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Top 10 Reasons Why Choose to get a House in Bright Homes


1.) ISO Certified Developer

There are so many Property Developers in the Philippines but very few conformed to the International Standard Organization (ISO). When you are an ISO Certified, it means that you conformed to the International Standard practice and as such, a credible company.

2.) Accessibility

Bright Homes projects, are located in Caypombo Santa Maria Bulacan.  It composed of Bulacan Meadows, El Pueblo Del Rio and Primeville Residences.  The location is very accessible wherein it will take 1 bus only going to Manila or Quezon City, via Divisoria-Sta Cruz, or Cubao/Ayala.

3.) Fast Turnover

For most of the Property Developers, it will take 15-24 months to turnover your unit. In Bright Homes, your house will be finished in just 3-4 months. If your housing loan is thru Bank Financing, you can move-in in just 4 months since bank already pre-approved the loan as the construction is ongoing. For Pag-Ibig, it will just take 6-8 months to move-in, as the unit already have individual titles.

4.) Fast Title Transfer

For most of the Property Developers, if thru Pag-IBIG they will transfer the title of the property after you have consistently paid your monthly amortization for 2 years. The purpose is to check your paying habit whether you are a good payor. In Bright Homes, the moment your housing loan has been taken out, the title of your property will be transferred already since it already has an individual title.

5.) Affordable Quality Homes

Bright Homes house models varies from 2 storey townhouses at 6K per month, to 3 storey townhouse at 10K-15K per month and single attached house type  at 9K to 18K per month.  Turnover unit are already with rooms, painted, covered lavatory, and with parking space.

6.) Low Downpayment

Bright Homes, offers a very low downpayment scheme especially when it is thru Bank Financing. It ranges from 70k to 100K only from a house with Contract Price of 940K to 2.4Million. It averages only 5% Downpayment, for example, our Princess Catherine is 2.4Million and the Downpayment is only P100K. 

7.) Low Move-In Fee

Once your house is ready and you are about to move-in, you only need to pay Fee for the installation of Meralco at P1,800 only. Water installation is already free.

8.) Turnover unit is Finished Type

All units have bedrooms already, with paint inside, with parking space, covered lavatory, tiled Comfort rooms and lavatory, wall partition at the front door for privacy with other unit.


9.) Provision for Parking Space

All units have a space for parking even for townhouses.


10.) Portion of Bank Fees is waived if thru Bank Financing

Bright Homes, shoulder more than 50% of Bank charge if your account is thru Bank Financing.