Common Types of Houses in the Philippines


Common Types of Houses in the Philippines

Investing in a property in the Philippines is an exciting and challenging experience for many Filipinos. There are many types of houses available and maybe a bit difficult to find the one that would satisfy your taste, budget, preferences and lifestyle.


Here are the common types of houses that you can choose from.

1.) Condominium

 A condominium consists of a unit space in a building or a real estate development. This can either be a studio-type home, or a unit that has one, two, to three bedrooms. Each unit can be owned by different owners and have individual condominium titles. As a condo owner, you share interest and access in the building amenities and other common areas. These project developments are mostly found in urban cities and central business districts.

There are basically 2 types of Condominium.

  • Midrise Condominium

  • High Rise Condominium

2.) Townhouses

Also known as a townhome or a row house, this is a style of housing where similar homes are in a row and share a common wall.

2.) House and Lot

 This type of home is the preferred real estate property by Pinoys. Literally speaking, you will own both the house and the land where it is built.
  • Single Attached

For this type of house and lot, one side of your house is attached or built directly at the side of your lot. If your house would, there would be a big space on the right, and vice versa. Usually space at the back and front exist too. It is similar to a duplex, except units would be side by side only.

  • Single Detached

Single detached means that your house is detached from any side of the lot. Basically, there is an open space on the sides plus the front and back, and your house is in the middle of the lot.

  • Bungalow

This is simply a single-storey house with all the rooms located in the same floor, and that is in the ground floor. It is suited for families with members who have impaired mobility such as your elderly relatives (i.e.lolo and lola) that will find it difficult to take the stairs.

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